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Returning after long absence

After a protracted break, I will be posting regularly again.  Apologies to any and all readers.

     What the hell happened?  I got a nasty and persistent case of  “golfer’s elbow” (aka medial epicondylitis or the tendon on the inside of the elbow) in my right arm.  It got so bad that I couldn’t lift a glass of water or squeeze a pair of tweezers.  Then I developed it in my left arm from overuse in compensating for the right.
     I stopped lifting weights and just did a lot of dreary cardio.  Sigh.  And then to add to my woes, I developed knee problems, first the left this time, then the right.  It didn’t help that I had a seasonal job working the shipping line with a fat, lazy bitch who was slow, droned on all day, was a nerdy know it all with no social skills.  He was such a pontificating, clueless git.  At one point, he talked (well announced, since he had that nerdy autistic asshole ability to not notice that everyone wished he’d shut the fuck up) about he was getting a degree in psychology.  It was all I could to hold myself back from screeching “Physician, heal thyself!”  He took all the tiny jewelry boxes to label off the line, leaving me hefting 25lb boxes for 10 hours a day wearing arm and knee braces, and processing twice as many packages as him.  Due to nepotism, I had to put up with him.  The only way he could justify his lame, selfish performance is that he looked heavily pregnant and ready to give birth any day. 
     Yeah.  So I gritted my teeth and when the job was over, I collapsed and was pretty much crippled.  Meaning no exercise, no keyboarding, grooming.  I got totally depressed from lack of endorphins from working out, and then got fat from lack of movement.  I was bored and bummed and laid around and ate.  Looking crappy made me feel shittier.  So I’ve been surly, antisocial, and hairy since I can’t even pluck my eyebrows.
     A friend texted me to try to leave the house and hang out.  My reply turned out to be an inadvertent haiku:
Angry winter bear
Hibernation mode
Danger ’til Spring
     That about summed it up.  I just wanted to stay in my cave, eat comfort food, lay in bed, sleep, and not come out until the dreary, endlessly raining, bitter cold ends. 
     The arms are somewhat improving and the knees are much better.  I’m also experimenting with voice recognition software.  Either way, it’s been way too long.  I’ve had plenty on my mind, and it’ll be spewing forth again soon.