Obama’s Out of Touch with Folks

I’m a liberal progressive voter and I had high hopes for Obama.  More and more, however, I feel like President Obama’s actions are highly hypocritical and give me the impression that for all his down-to-earth posturings, he is increasingly operating in his own bubble within the DC dome world.

Thankfully, Larry Summers has taken himself (or was pushed, more likely, since he arrogantly has refused to  admit to any past mistakes, of which there are many) out of the running for the position of Federal Reserve Chairman.

But the very fact that he favored appointing a Wall Street insider who is currently a consultant with Citigroup and is typical of Washington’s revolving door policy of legislators who end up working for large financial institutions, shows me that Obama is no different from anyone else in our corrupt government.  He’s part and parcel of the crony capitalism and lobbying that skews regulation in favor of corporations.  He clearly has too many ties that are conflicts of interest for the American people to believe in his fairness and integrity.

As Treasury Secretary under Bill Clinton, Summers backed the deregulation of the banking industry and repeal of Glass-Steagall which led to the 2008 crisis and our continuing problems in the economy.

So he fucked it up big time already, and this is the guy Obama wants to control our monetary policies?  I was dumbfounded that Obama seems to not get what a controversial appointment Summers was and how hypocritical it makes him look.

Despite progressive and women’s groups (Summers has pissed a lot of people off, not only professionally but personally) protesting, Obama paid no attention.  350 economists sent Obama a letter supporting Janet Yellen over Summers.  Reports say this just made him irritated and more recalcitrant.

The main reason Obama wanted Summers?  It seems it’s that after working with him in his first term, it’s purely personal.  Obama just likes and trusts him and it’s all about his personal relationship with him.

That gives me no confidence in a fool of a President that is deaf and blind to the outcries all around him because of his personal feelings.  That is just stupid stubbornness and not wise decision making.  He is clearly living in his own world and just doesn’t care what the American people want.

The same could be said about the Syria debacle.  Despite overwhelmingly negative polls that clearly showed the public had no appetite for engagement, Obama continued to plead and push his case with seeming disregard for the loud and consistent views of the people that we don’t want to get in involved in yet another Middle Eastern conflict.  Obama kept trying to appeal to Americans from a moral standpoint, but what he doesn’t seem to get is that he is trying to foist his personal morality on a nation that doesn’t care.  Yes, it’s callous of our citizens to not care about the undeniable suffering of others.  But that’s what happens when people are scrabbling for survival-it makes people selfish.  The old trope of “You can’t help anybody if you can’t help yourself” is the situation many Americans find themselves in today.  Want and insecurity make people hard-hearted and Obama should know that.

What angers me the most and is the most egregious act of delusional hypocrisy was when he gave a speech about job growth, middle class, incomes, the economy, et al at an Amazon warehouse.  Amazon is a huge part of the evil empire that blackmails our government into giving them tax breaks, lobbies to pass laws or add loopholes to laws that favor corporations over employees, that contracts temp workers to avoid giving them any rights or benefits, works them like dogs under inhuman conditions and keeps wages low with the threat of unemployment, keeping people so fearful and desperate that they submit.  It’s like the leader of the Rebel Alliance giving a talk to the subjugated peoples of the galaxy promising freedom and scheduling  a pep talk to the foot soldiers of the Rebel Alliance on the Death Star.  Is he really that disingenuous to not realize the bitter irony of this?

I’m flabbergasted.  All I can conjecture is that the intransigence of the Republican party has made Obama paranoid and retreat into his own world where he is surrounded by sycophants and advisers with their own agendas who are also removed from the real world.  Increasingly, it pains me that our “representatives” are doing exactly the opposite and instead of following our will, are thwarting it or completely delusional and out of touch with what we want.


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