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Hello world!

Bitch.  Negative.  Pessimist.  Mean.  Angry.    Some of the words people have used to describe me.   I’ve also been called honest, sincere, realistic, direct, and passionate.  It’s all a matter of perspective or the other side of the coin.  After all, a cynic is really a failed idealist.

Studies have shown that pessimists are in better touch with reality and their perceptions are more objectively accurate than optimists.  Ignorance is bliss-for the sheeple (sheep people), but as Sartre said “Hell is other people” for the rest of us who have to live amongst them.

Any thinking, aware person with any standards or morals can’t help but be dismayed at the world around us.  Wanting more than the venal and narcissistic society the media sells us or just to eat, drink, sleep, fuck, and buy more useless shit leaves you alienated in today’s world.

While waiting for 2012 or some other event to hopefully wipe out a wide swath of humanity, I’ll express my angry, bitter, caustic, despairing, exasperated, frustrated feelings about life in this blog.   Along with my misanthropic venting are praises for the rare things I love and my shallow obsessions.  It’s going to be a miscellany of rants, raves,  and neurotic navel gazing.

So no, I don’t need a hug, I don’t want the kool-aid, and you know where you can take your kumbaya.